What is IGND..?

A platform of Inspirational women sharing their stories and services to empower others who’re going through this spiritual realignment and mass awakening. Come and join our free App community Tapped In to connect with others whilst sourcing empowering knowledge, tips and tools to uplift and shift our energy vibrations together!

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Hi there! I’m Aimee

the founder of Inspirational Girl Next Door and other community projects. Since a crazy Kundalini Awakening in 2017 my world changed as I was shifted onto this new path. I was receiving such clear knowledge, wisdom and guidance on how to help myself and those who were going through this Awakening and Ascension process. We created Tapped In a free community for anyone looking to grow whilst connecting other lightworkers, healers, warriors, supermums, alchemists, creators, teachers & believers.

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Our mission is to connect, grow and rise to a higher level of vibration and awareness so we collectively heal, align and shift to live lives we truly deserve. By sharing other inspirational women’s stories alongside growing a free accessible community it creates a safe space to gain the strength, courage and confidence enabling us to transform, thrive and feel more empowered.

“I went through a life changing spiritual awakening in 2017. As I have healed over the years, I started to remember my healing gifts and channelling abilities. I trained in energy healing and started to help others heal and guide them on their own paths.”
Rachel Davis

"I woke up to things on a deeper level when I went through my own health challenges back in the 2000s. This opened me up to energy healing, meditation and yoga. Now these things have transformed my life whilst helping others to bring back their own personal power."
Kate Mills

"In 2016 I received a strong (and painful) message from my physical body, specifically my womb space, which led me to sit in my first Women's Circle. I decided to sign up to work with and learn from different mentors and ceremonialists and completed 'The Way of the Circle' Facilitator Training. I now host Women's Circles, Retreats and Workshops to support other Sisters in their  self empowerment journeys."
Amanda Tracey


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